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Brought together by the desire to pass on their passion to educate ALL children, Linnea Lyding and Laurie Johnson found themselves sharing engaging strategies that they had used in their classrooms.  In sharing ideas, they thought it would be great to have a place to store all of these strategies.  A place that all educators could use that was the birth of UtterlyEngaging.com It is the desire of these two seasoned educators to make sure that all students are thoughtfully engaging in content.

The strategies are written in a recipe format to make it easy to pick up and use.  However, since educators come with different backgrounds and experiences, they have tried to lay it out simply, but have included hints for those who may panic at the thought of trying something new.  Across the top of the strategy you will see time, subjects, grades, and Blooms/DOK level.  Next, you find a short description that includes what this strategy might sound like in your classroom.  Below that is the nitty gritty – material and steps.  You can stop there, but if you want more ideas keep reading for short hints.

Thank you for visiting.  Please let us know about your experience by emailing us at utterlyengaging2@gmail.com.

Dr. Linnea Lyding
Dr. Linnea Lyding

Linnea Lyding is an assistant professor and interim department chair of the Education Department at Arizona Christian University. Since joining ACU in 2012, Dr. Lyding has been a champion for excellence in education. Her desire to teach at the collegiate level stems from her passion to see all children overcome obstacles and succeed in school. She recognizes the importance of empowering young teachers who share this same passion. In 2012, after 18 years of teaching exceptional children in Phoenix public and private elementary schools, Linnea completed her doctorate in Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University. Her dissertation and final action research dealt with the incorporation of movement and gestures (embodied cognition) into instruction in order to increase student engagement. Dr. Lyding also has a M.Ed. in elementary education with an emphasis in reading and a B.S. in early childhood and special education.

She and her husband, Chris, have been happily married for over 31 years. Together they have raised three daughters, all of whom are now living in Arizona.

Mrs. Laurie Johnson
Mrs. Laurie Johnson
Laurie Johnson is a certified English, Journalism and ESL instructor who taught high school ESL for 20 years and now teaches Education courses at Arizona Christian University. She is an experienced teacher trainer and a published author of ESL teacher resource materials.  In addition to holding a M.Ed in Education and a B.A. in Journalism, Laurie currently is earning a certificate in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement from the Mary Lou Fulton School of Education at Arizona State University.
A passionate high-handicap golfer and keyboardist in an all-female band, Laurie enjoys spending time with her husband Mike and son Craig and the rest of her extended family.



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